Dludlu: African football is closing the gap

Simphiwe Dludlu, the former captain of the South African women’s national team and the current assistant coach under Desiree Ellis, holds the belief that the gap between African football and the global stage is rapidly diminishing.

Dludlu, asserts that Africa is now generating a substantial number of players who are making a significant impact on the world football scene.

She conveyed these sentiments during an interview with CAFOnline while participating in a year-long coaching program in the United States.

“African football is closing the gap, with great players populating all over the world,” Dludlu said.
“We have shown our strength by moving past rounds of 16 in the Last World Cup (3 out of 4 countries) all of us won a game and scored goals.

“It shows we are getting there with the rankings as well. If we keep doing things the right way and invest in women’s football at youth levels as well, we will move even further.”

The current head coach of the South African Under-17 women’s national team was part of the historic feat of the South African national team at the World Cup.

“It was a dream come true for me, as I had never gone to a senior World Cup as a player. To see a group of players work hard and believe in each other to push boundaries was incredible. Moment of a life time to make such history with this calibre of team.

“More attention [needs to be] given to youth teams in terms of tournaments and workshops for coaching education.

“It would also do us good to have more professional leagues like Morocco. Where players and coaches make a good living from football. Lastly it would help bridge the gap between youth and senior team players.

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