Gallants official details horror stay in Libya

Marumo Gallants officials, Rufus Matsena and Tebogo Dlomo, arrived in South Africa on Easter Monday after the pair were detained in Libya.

The two officials were in Libya as surety for unpaid debt following the team’s Caf Confederation Cup match against Al Akhdar on 19 March 2023.

The matter was resolved following meditation meeting which included the South African Football Association (SAFA), the Libyan embassy in South Africa, South Africa’s ambassador to Tunisia and other relevant officials.

After returning to South Africa, Marumo Gallants media, Matsena, said the issue took on him.
“Myself and Mr. Dlomo agreed not to resist – if they said, take a picture and smile, we would do that because we knew that they wanted create narrative that we were OK. We had to play along,” said Matsema.

“The guy [hotel owner] is very temperamental. When he asked: ‘did the chairman [Abram Sello] say anything about the payment’, when we said no – then we knew that day was not going to be nice.

“We were [staying] in a hotel but we didn’t have our freedom and that itself took a toll on us. I went nine solid days without sleeping. We arrived in South Africa last night and I still have the problem of not being able to sleep. But the chairman has arranged some professional help for and we will not be engaging in any football matters.”

By Zola Doda

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