Sean Dundee: My Life, My Story (Part IV)

When I moved to the Bundesliga from Liverpool, I found the League the same as it was when I left, I was happy to be back. But the problem with Stuttgart back then they had their own problems. They had a huge squad of 38 players and the coach was given a task to get rid of players.

My first season when I got there, I had to get to fit again because I had not been training a lot and it took me three to four weeks to get back to form. And from there it was about getting my chance to play again, I did and I was back in.

My spell ended with Stuttgart and I came back to South Africa to finish my career with Amazulu. I got in contact with Mike Makaab, he is someone that I have known for a long time.

He was not my agent but someone who helped me out. I called him and said: “listen Mike, I want to come back and play in South Africa, I’m not looking for an agent but I just want a club”.

He said we can sort something out in Joburg with [Orlando] Pirates and I said to him “no, I just want to play in Durban because my parents are there” and the weather. I wasn’t looking to earn huge amounts [of money], I just wanted to come back and play for a year or two. That’s when he said: “Amazulu”. And I said, “yes, let me train with them because obviously I had to get fit again”.

I joined Amazulu and Clive Barker killed me a few times, but it was fun being back in Durban to be honest. I had to lose some weight as well and he said to me: “you want to f** your body up? You have to suffer” (laughing). And he killed me. I wish I can go back and do it all over again because you only appreciate it when it’s over.

South African league is a tough league to play in and I find the German Bundesliga easy. It’s difficult to tell the difference but it wasn’t easy to play in South Africa. You got tough defenders and good ball players. I was a little bit older and I was not quick as I was so it was a little bit more difficult for me.

After my career at Amazulu, I said that’s it for me. I had back problems and I was tired of taking medication, tablets and pain killers. I said that’s it, I’ve had enough.

When I look back the highlight, my first season at SC Karlsruhe and finishing as a second top goalscorer was my highlight. And my biggest regret is not working hard enough. I think I could have done a lot more. I could have worked harder and done a lot more and played higher. I left a lot behind because I didn’t do enough.

The end…

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